February 2019 Ministry Update

Millions in three southern states in Brazil remain least reached. We want to change that. Please click the link, read and pray for God to raise up more workers and join us praising God for continued new partnerships. We want to see a Gospel movement in every least reached municipality in southern Brazil in our generation. Thank you for standing with us.

2018 Summer Home Assignment . . .

We spent the summer months finalizing our on boarding with Converge International Ministries and meeting with new ministry partners across MidAmerica. Lee was busy writing as well for Converge talking about the Southern Cone Initiative we are honored to be a part of.

We thank all of our new ministry partners and especially thank our faithful partners who have renewed and strengthened commitments. We love you and thank God for your lives and ministry dedicated to the Gospel.

The two summer months went by quickly—the blink of an eye! We return to the mission field now and dig in hard here to accomplish the work before us. Planting house churches in closed countries and preparing to plant churches.

You can read our most recent newsletter here. And be sure to check out all the photos from our home assignment Summer 2018 here.

All of what we are doing is so we can plant churches in the least reached areas of Brazil with the Southern Cone Initiative. As we make this transition into a new season of ministry advancing The Gospel, we require additional support partners in prayer and financially. We ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with us in life and ministry. We do understand that real partnerships don’t just happen. They are the result of a conversation and they are cultivated through relationships over the course of time.

Regina and I have served as missionaries’ in Brazil revitalizing and strengthening Christ’ Church in Brazil for 8 years. We are looking forward to multiplying our efforts among least reached including Church planting in a larger region including Uruguay, Argentina, and Southern Brazil.  

For the past eight years, God has provided in every way. With every new opportunity and challenge along the way, He has sent funding and ministry partners to supply our needs. We are confident God will do so again.

Thank you for reading and for your support.